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Health solutions for aging ailments

With luck we may survive long enough to get old and start collecting our fair share of aging ailments, how do we stave off the inevitability of many of them?


Little and often as you get older, don’t put your body under too much strain, otherwise you will end up being worse off rather than better. It may seem a good idea to jump right in at the deep end, so to speak but give your body time to adjust to its new regime. Once you get into a regular pattern just increase everything slowly over a matter of weeks. Never make it a chore, and never push yourself past the first signs that your body has had enough for the day. The days of charging around a rugby field, throwing someone across a mat or running a marathon are behind you, don’t try to emulate past glories. Yes I know there are hundred year old sprinters but they are a rare breed. Get satisfaction from just a little progress, we never lose that competition spirit, it just needs regulating.

Looking good

Self-esteem is important when you get old and have to rely more and more on others as everyone wants to stay independent for as long as possible and take some pride in their appearance. You may have physical surgery done or just make the best of what you have by applying makeup, having a good haircut or dressing smartly. It is not so much the effect on others but the boost it gives you. Feeling good about yourself has genuine physical effects on your body.

Adapt your home

Why store money for a future time, spend it on yourself, give yourself a good holiday, don’t stop going to the theatre or events just because you are old, stay young inside. Adapt your home to make life easier.

A wet room or walk in shower is ideal for those who are unable to step into a walk-in bath, the Independence is ideal for people with reduced mobility. If you change just a few things, how about a stair lift rather than struggle up those old steep winding stairs, you could even have a vertical lift fitted.

Move your bedroom downstairs, get a special seat for making cooking and working at the kitchen sink much easier (contact your local Environmental Health Department for details on any available grants). Build in good lighting and windows to see along dark hallways and let the world in.

Be happy

I know it is not always possible but the more you can see the positive side of things the more you will enjoy your existence. Time for all of us flows one way, make the most of it at whatever level you can.