Hair Loss

Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is prominent as one of the major issue. Both males and females are equally prone to this issue. Hair loss may be due to genetic or traumatic problems. It is even related to injury, accident or disease.

The diverse hair transplantation techniques play a crucial role in removing the unnatural look of hairpieces. Actually, the surgical transplantation process relocates spherical cells which promote healthy hair growth particularly in bald areas. Nevertheless, this process is commonly used for men. Nowadays, the technique is equally becoming popular among women as well. Majority of the women are facing the hair loss issues because of pollution and stress. Stress is the major cause for hair loss in females.

Hair transplantation techniques

Unfortunately even children are going through enduring hair loss problems. Disease and injury is the major cause for hair loss in children. The recent advancement in technology have improved and enhanced the appearance of hair transplant. A lot of people are turning up towards new methods so as to cover old ones like hair plugs and so on. These days, diverse hair transplantation techniques are available to cure baldness.

These techniques are equally effective in promoting healthy hair growth. In order to carry out this procedure, a recipient normally requires around 400 to 2500 transplants. However the number of grafts varies depending on the range of balding region.

These days, diverse hair transplantation techniques are commercialized. Mini-grafts, micro-grafts, and follicular grafts are the choices that are offered by different methods. Mini-grafts are normally meant for people who are suffering due to hair thinning.

Micro-grafts are utilized along hairlines. Follicular grafts are generally for front hairline. It looks very natural and perfect for curing baldness. This kind of hair treatment is appropriate for male who are suffering due to huge bald. You will be certainly satisfied with the natural thin exposure.