Natural Cosmetics Solution

Natural mineral cosmetics is nowadays called a revolutionary brunch of cosmetics. Though, natural mineral cosmetics has a very long history it was popularized only recently. In ancient Egypt people used different minerals to look immaculate. They used lead and copper together with the animal fat and it is considered to be the beginning of mineral […]

Health solutions for aging ailments

With luck we may survive long enough to get old and start collecting our fair share of aging ailments, how do we stave off the inevitability of many of them? Exercise Little and often as you get older, don’t put your body under too much strain, otherwise you will end up being worse off rather […]

Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is prominent as one of the major issue. Both males and females are equally prone to this issue. Hair loss may be due to genetic or traumatic problems. It is even related to injury, accident or disease. The diverse hair transplantation techniques play a crucial role in removing the unnatural look of hairpieces. […]

Body Implants and Lifts

Body lift is also prominent as ‘belt lumpectomy’. It is similar to a face lift. In this process the excessive fatty tissue or skin is removed. It is more extensive surgical procedure. As compared to abdominoplasty (full Tummy Tuck), body lift is carried out on upper legs and lower torso. It includes outer thighs, stomach, […]